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Memoriable quotes from one of my favorite TV series. I fell in love with these photos and couldn't help but be totally inspired! This file will only be for sale for a limited time, grab it before it's gone! Available to the first 10 purchasers! After that this file will be retired for a time ♥.

Eat The Rude: Quotes

  • All of my files are seamless and 300dpi. In regards to scaling the file itself is 10x10 inches.

    Upon purchase you agree to the following terms:
    ♥ No reselling of this image as any form for digital art! (Physical product is OK)
    ♥ No creating any other digital art with it!
    ♥ You will not share this file with anyone else!
    ♥ You will not attempt to copy or alter the file in any way to claim as your own!
    ♥ If you are a fabric shop or large commercial distributer you NEED to also buy a license. You can find those via forms on the Cinching Seams main page!

    As always if there are ANY issues at all please let me know ASAP! I will do everything in my power to make sure you get what you need!

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