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What we offer...

♥ We have a variety of amazing clothing, boots, belts, and so much more! Men, Women, Children and toddlers will all find something here that will work for your Western (Rustic) Wedding theme!

♥ Custom leather and crystal work (hand-made) is available upon request. You will need to make an appointment (3-4 month prior to your wedding date, minimum) to meet with you to discuss what you are needing done so that we can ensure we can meet your request.

♥ Custom Crystal work Can be done on your clothes, dresses, flowers, shoes, tiaras or crowns, hairpieces. if you are interested in wanting Custom real Crystal work done, please call us and set up a time we will go over how long colors and what you would like done.

♥ Do you have a special dress in the family that was given to you? Need to dress it up we can do that custom crystal work!

​♥ As always, we cater to our customers and are more than willing to find you whatever you need for your wedding! We will special order it and have it in before your date! (Please give us at least a weeks' notice for custom orders.)

* Special Note: All Wrangler specialty & Logo shirt styles are ordered a year in advance! If you would like to set up a meeting with our owner, please contact the store & she will be more than happy to come up with a time and date for you to look at the upcoming years catalogs!

*We are known to have the best prices around! If you shop with us, you are guaranteed to save money!*

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